Marine Mishaps

Marine Mishaps – Claims Stories

View claim photos from actual MPG insurance claims and see the unique, bizarre and sometimes devastating losses suffered by Marinas, Boat Dealers, Yacht Clubs as well as boats, yachts, mega-yachts and charter boats.

Hurricane Sandy 2012

Hurricane Sandy:

View incredible photos of damage caused by Superstorm Sandy to Marinas, Boat Dealers, Yacht Clubs, Coastal Homes and boats.

View Slide Show New York

View Slide Show New Jersey

When an F4 Tornado Strikes

Mishap 1:

These amazing photos capture the complete and total devastation associated with a major tornado.

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Forklift Follies

Mishap 2:

As common equipment used in a marina we have experienced our share of forklift claims.

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Whale wars!

Mishap 3:

As this sailor learned, it’s not good to place your sailboat between a mother Pilot whale and her calf.

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Mega-yacht cut in half!

Mishap 4:

This tragic claim is the result of the vessel hitting a reef in the Bahamas during a storm that produced 10 – 12ft seas.

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When Snow gets too Heavy

Mishap 5:

Covered slips are vulnerable when heavy snow and ice build up, which can lead to the collapse of the entire structure.

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Hooked On Fishing

Mishap 6:

Things got out of hand during the struggle to land his catch and the angler, not the fish, ended up on the hook.

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Claim stories highlight the importance of Marina Insurance, Boat Dealer Insurance, Yacht Club Insurance as well as Boat Insurance, Mega-yacht Insurance and Charter Boat Insurance.

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